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Of LED Neon Signs

As a manufacturer of neon signs and a top European manufactory with our own technological park and production hall, we carry out custom production orders for global giants, major European advertising agencies, TV stations, event companies, architectural offices, local businesses, as well as demanding individual clients, for whom we have implemented our own neon store. In addition to LED neon lights, we also create customized forms of designer lighting such as chandeliers, lamps, steel structures, illuminated boxes or neon walls.

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The perfect B2B partner for your brand

We have extensive production experience underpinned by global realizations and projects, carried out with the largest European advertising agencies. We design, advise, produce and together with our partners carry out global campaigns for global brands. Including under the terms of NDA agreements and production “white label” nature.

Take a look at the departments of our company

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Own technology park

We have our own facility equipped with 7 production and assembly halls, where we manufacture, construct, assemble, and pack for shipment our products.

UV printer

We also use a UV printer in the production of our neon signs, which supports us in custom productions.

producent neonów
producent neonów

Own milling machine

The basis for the production of our neon signs is our own milling machine, which is used to create the backings that form the foundation of our neon signs on dinbond or plexiglass backings.

In-house production

Production is carried out 100% on the premises of our brand. We have our own facility including technological park, assembly halls and office located in Wroclaw. In Poland.

Custom manufacturing conditions

For key customers and B2B orders, we guarantee custom lead times and production slots.

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Wholesale quantities

We take orders for single as well as wholesale quantities of products. Of course, in the case of B2B orders, in most cases these are productions involving wholesale quantities of products, from several hundred to several thousand products.

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Perfect visualizations

Our graphic designers are exceptional artists who will prepare for you a visualization of the finished product adequate to the original technical sketches.

Professional design environment

Our graphic designers create projects based on professional technical and graphic software, which include programs from the Adobe environment, as well as Corel, CAD, Blender or Fusion 360

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Graphic design of projects

If you have your own technical sketch or a design provided by you or your client, we will develop a graphic design for you. You don’t have such materials? No problem. We will develop all technical and graphic materials for you from scratch including concept development and production capabilities.

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Discussion of the project

Discussing the concept, sketch or design provided by the customer. Implementing the comments, establishing production possibilities and deadlines for production. Suggesting changes, variants and discussing technical issues.

Sketch preparation

Each cooperation is preceded by the preparation of a meticulous quote based on our own technical sketch as well as information received from the client about the order.

european led manufacture

Development of prototypes

We know from autopsy that orders for global giants require customized terms of cooperation. For partners serving global giants, we offer production of samples and prototypes for review and approval before moving to the final production stage.

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Verification of project compliance

Each product made in our manufactory is verified for conformity with the original sketch and visualization.

Verification of workmanship aesthetics

Our products are made 100% in our manufactory and also here we verify the final aesthetics of the workmanship of each item.

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Verification of performance

The final stage of our products’ journey through the technology park before the product is shipped is the verification of efficiency and correctness of functioning. This ensures that you will receive the highest quality product.

Fluent service in three languages!

We serve our partners fluently in three languages. English, German and Polish.

Dedicated account manager

Professionalism and proper communication provided by a dedicated account manager. Forget about lack of answers to your questions or communication chaos.

producent neonów led
european led manufacture

Experience with large projects

Our team has a wealth of experience gathered during realizations for global advertising agencies, major companies or television stations. We know the nature of world-class cooperation and are ready to take on even the most demanding projects. And we never fail to deliver.

For partners

designs, sketches, visualizations and prototypes of the product

We provide our B2B partners with designs, technical sketches and visualizations, as well as advice and consultation in accordance with planned orders. We also make prototypes for verification of product quality prior to cooperation.

non-standard production times

B2B partners with orders for non-standard realizations, larger or wholesale quantities of products are given priority. And it is for them that we allocate most production slots.

European production in own manufactory

The advantage of our brand is the location. Our company is located in Poland, which is the heart of Europe. And from here we ship our products to partners around the world.

handling wholesale orders

Without the slightest difficulty, we accept wholesale orders for several hundred or several thousand products based on the establishment of time frames and production batches.

energy efficiency

Our products are energy-efficient and are in line with the canons of green policies that reduce energy consumption, taking care of the environment.

produkty najwyższej jakości

Our neon signs are not cheap and will never be so. We produce them from the best quality components, which are complemented by a perfect finish. If you are one of the most demanding customers, we assure you that you are in the right place. Of course, B2B partners can count on non-standard pricing, depending on the nature of the order and the number of products.

Experience in international promotional campaigns

We have experience in carrying out assignments for global promotional campaigns of the largest companies in the world. Requiring from us an out-of-the-box approach to design and product, as well as a huge amount of creativity and professionalism.

Neon design vs finished product

Before After darmowa wizualizacja ledsygotowy neon

The initial technical sketch of the project and the visualization prepared by our graphic designers perfectly reflects the final product. By receiving graphic files from our specialists you can see how your own neon sign will look like.

Know that the personalized design can represent any lettering, graphics or logos. It can just as well be a combination of all the above variants. In custom production we provide our customers with total freedom, which is limited only by budget and imagination.

And if you don’t need dedicated production, take a look at the pre-designed neon signs available in our store.

Before After darmowa wizualizacja ledsygotowy neon

European manufacturer of LED neon signs

See our sample realization

See pre-designed projects in our store

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Neon Porsche 911 GT3 RS
od 7995,00 brutto

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Agnieszka Kamińska
Agnieszka Kamińska
12 Czerwiec 2024
Świetny kontakt, elastyczne podejście do Klienta, szybka realizacja i staranne wykonanie:) Z pewnością mogę śmiało polecić!
Malo Clinic Polska
Malo Clinic Polska
10 Czerwiec 2024
Dziękujemy serdecznie za piękny neon! Bardzo profesjonalna i pomocna obsługa, szybkie dostarczenie no i oczywiście cudowny efekt wizualny <3
Aleksander Walczak
Aleksander Walczak
10 Czerwiec 2024
Zebraliśmy sporo ofert z rynku ale szybkość obsługi i atrakcyjność propozycji przekonała nas na wybór firmy Ledsy. Neon spełnił nasze oczekiwania, został przygotowany do zawieszenia na istniejących już wkrętach. Neon dodaje niepowtarzalny klimat naszej siedzibie firmy. Załączamy zdjęcia, dziękujemy za współpracę - Alto Modular Domy Modułowe
Wioletta Czekaj
Wioletta Czekaj
10 Czerwiec 2024
Z całym przekonaniem polecam firmę Ledsy Custom Neon. Na każdym etapie realizacji zlecenia, czułam wsparcie i zaangażowanie pracowników firmy, a efekt końcowy w postaci wykonanego neonu jest super :).
29 Maj 2024
Bardzo dobrze wykonany neon obsługa 10/10
Rodzina Dom
Rodzina Dom
27 Maj 2024
Piękny neon ślicznie wygląda.Na pewno skorzystam ponownie.Polecam .
18 Maj 2024
Jak najbardziej polecam! Led wykonany świetnie, szybko i bardzo miła obsługa.
Adam Małyszko
Adam Małyszko
4 Maj 2024
Super ledy :)
Gościniec Konopielka Biuro
Gościniec Konopielka Biuro
30 Kwiecień 2024
Szybka realizacja . Dobra jakość, Przystępna cena
Rafał Żuchliński
Rafał Żuchliński
30 Kwiecień 2024
Porządne wykonanie ,bardzo dobry kontakt z obsługą. Polecam !

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Describe exactly what we should include in your design and what will be the base for your neon sign: logo, graphic, lettering or maybe a whole sentence? Please attach a file with a graphic, logo or photo for inspiration. In the case of a neon sign with your own slogan, please include it.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, tiff, tif, heic, pdf, psd, ttf, otf, woff2, json.
Max. file size: 30 MB. For larger files, please contact customer service directly.

European LED neon producer and top manufactory

We are a Polish manufacturer of neon signs and an established European manufactory with a portfolio of projects for global brands, and our projects can be seen in many prestigious places and venues in Europe. We serve our clients fluently in three languages: English, German and Polish. The autonomy of our brand and experience in highly advanced realizations burdened with many technical nuances makes us a great business partner for many entities as a manufacturer.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of LED neon signs, come to us!

If you are committed to quality and a range of additional opportunities arising from our European nature of production, get back to us and perhaps we will start a long-term and fruitful cooperation!

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