Custom lamps

Custom lamps and custom, designer forms of lighting. We will create for you a unique and dedicated lighting design that you will not find in any other store.

We are a top European manufactory and our immodest portfolio includes realizations for global giants. Join them with your concept and we will create your desiger lighting, lamp, chandelier, structure, illuminated wall or box. Click on the button below and select “other” design in the quote form.

designerskie oświetlenie

Stylish custom lighting

Are you dreaming of a unique ceiling or standing lamp, a chandelier, an illuminated box, or perhaps a unique design? Message us, show us your design, sketch or sample photo, and we will price your concept and let you know how we can make your idea a reality.

Not only for companies

Not only companies, TV stations, international advertising or event agencies reach for our LED neon signs. For discerning individual customers looking for the highest quality products, we have created an own neon store, where you can order pre-made variations and neon designs, created by our graphic designers.

And if you don’t find a product that meets your needs, you can always have us produce a fully personalized neon sign designed just for you!

And we assure you that we transform even the most fine concepts into neon reality!

lampy na zamówienie i designerskie oświetlenie

Alternative form for designer lighting

If you’re interested in designer forms of lighting, consider buying equally designer LED neon signs, which we also produce to order!

Check out our neon store or ask us for a quote on your own personalized product, designed just for you!

Why us?

neony led

no-obligation design and free visualization

See what your neon sign will look like at the target location. Without costs or having to place an order!

production even in 3 days

If you “fu**** up” and need a neon sign “yesterday” then luckily you have us. We will try to help you and complete the order in express mode!

European production in own manufactory

We work without intermediaries, reduce the time of the product development process and take full responsibility for each stage of production.

full personalization

We are able to reproduce even the most complex and advanced graphic design including “handwriting”.

energy efficiency

Use neon as a form of 24-hour advertising or additional lighting without generating high electricity bills.

highest quality components

Our neon signs are not cheap and will never be so. We produce them from the best quality components, which are complemented by a perfect finish. If you are one of the most demanding customers, we assure you that you are in the right place.

easy installation and two-year warranty

We design our neon signs in such a way that their installation is almost trivial. And that's exactly how it is. Nevertheless, we provide our customers with technical support and at least a 2-year warranty with the option to extend it to up to 5 years!

neon led

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Free quote form

Describe exactly what we should include in your design and what will be the base for your neon sign: logo, graphic, lettering or maybe a whole sentence? Please attach a file with a graphic, logo or photo for inspiration. In the case of a neon sign with your own slogan, please include it.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, jpe, png, tiff, tif, heic, pdf, psd, ttf, otf, woff2, json.
Max. file size: 30 MB. For larger files, please contact customer service directly.

Custom lamps straight from the manufactory

As a top European manufactory, we specialize in LED neon and designer lighting forms. With the development of our brand and increasingly sophisticated lighting orders, we have expanded our offerings to include custom designed lighting forms.

Designer ceiling lamps

In our realizations, we have proven to our customers that we can also make designer ceiling lamps. Most often made on steel structures, using, among other things, the motif of neon lights. Such lamps have a wide range of applications and bluntly emphasize the character of any place.

Chandelier, lamp or other form of lighting?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and plan to purchase custom lighting, get back to us. We may be able to meet your expectations and realize together a project that meets your personalized criteria. We produce custom lamps, chandeliers, as well as other custom forms of designer lighting. Send us a sketch, a design or just like that – an inspiration photo, and we will prepare a no-obligation offer for you.

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